imR0T - Send A Message To Your Whatsapp Contact And Protect Your Text By Encrypting And Decrypting (ROT13)

imR0T: Send a quick message with simple text encryption to your whatsapp contact and protect your text by encrypting and decrypting, basically in ROT13 with new multi encryption based algorithm on ASCII and Symbols Substitution.

How To Use
It's simple:
# Clone this repository
git clone https://github.com/Screetsec/imR0T.git

# Go into the repository
cd imR0T

# Permission Acces
chmod +x imR0T

# Run the app

Command Line
help: A standard command displaying help.
imR0T╺─╸[ cli ] > help

help |:| show this message
show |:| show all modules from this tools
list style |:| show list style
use |:| use a module, ex : use [ID]
options |:| show module options
run |:| Execute the module
set |:| Set a value
back |:| Back to main
clear |:| Clear window
ls |:| list directory content
cat |:| read file/standard input
pwd |:| print name of current/working director
exit |:| Exit program

Before using feature send message to your whatsapp contact with text encryption. you must config file inconf/whatsapp.confand add your api key
# Getting API :
# Register in here https://www.apiwha.com/
# Use your mail or temp mail :P

# Setup API KEY
# Example :


Demo Video

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