Malwoverview - Tool To Perform An Initial And Quick Triage On Either A Directory Containing Malware Samples Or A Specific Malware Sample

Malwoverview.py is a simple tool to perform an initial and quick triage on a directory containing malware samples (not zipped).
This tool aims to :
  1. Determining similar executable malware samples (PE/PE+) according to the import table (imphash) and group them by different colors (pay attention to the second column from output). Thus, colors matter!
  2. Determining whether executable malware samples are packed or not packed according to the following rules:
         2a. Two or more sections with Entropy > 7.0 or < 1.0 ==> Packed.

    2b. One one section with Entropy > 7.0 or two sections with SizeOfRawData ==> Likely packed.

    2c. None section with Entropy > 7.0 or SizeOfRawData ==> not packed.
  3. Determining whether the malware samples contain overlay.
  4. Determining the .text section entropy.
         Malwoverview.py only examines PE/PE+ files, skipping everything else.  
  5. Checking each malware sample against Virus Total.

This tool was tested on a Kali Linux 2018 system. Therefore, it will be necessary to install:
  1. Python version 2.7.x.
    $ apt-get install python
  2. Python-magic.
    To install python-magic package you can execute the following command:
    $ pip install python-magic
    Or compiling it from the github repository:
    $ git clone https://github.com/ahupp/python-magic
    $ cd python-magic/
    $ python setup.py build
    $ python setup.py install
    As there are serious problems about existing two versions of python-magic package, my recommendation is to install it from github (second procedure above) and copy the magic.py file to the SAME directory of malwoverview tool.
  3. Pefile and colorama packages:
    $ pip install pefile
    $ pip install colorama
    $ pip install simple-json
    $ pip install requests

To use the malwoverview, execute the command as shown below:
  $ python malwoverview -d <directory> -f <fullpath> -i <0|1> -b <0|1> -v <0|1> -a <0|1> -p <0|1> -s <0|1> -x <0|1>
    <directory> -d is the folder containing malware samples. 
<fullpath> -f specifies the full path to a file. Shows general information about the file (any filetype).
(optional) -b 1 forces light gray background (for black terminals). It does not work with -f option.
(optional) -i 1 show imports and exports (it is used with -f option).
(optional) -x 1 extracts overlay (it is used with -f option).
(optional) -v 1 queries Virus Total database for positives and totals (any filetype).
(optional) -a 1 (optional) query Hybrid Analysis database for general report.Thus, you need to edit the
malwoverview.py and insert your HA API and respective secret.
(optional) -s 1 shows antivirus reports from the main players. This option is used with
-f option (any filetype).
(optional) -p 1 use this option if you have a public Virus Total API. It forces a one minute wait
every 4 malware samples, but allows obtaining a complete evaluation of the malware repository..

If you use Virus Total option, so it is necessary to edit the malwoverview.py and insert your VT API.

Remember that public VT API only allows 4 searches per second (as shown at the image above). Therefore, if you
are willing to wait some minutes, so you can use the -p option, which forces a one minute wait every 4 malware
samples, but allows obtaining a complete evaluation of the repository.

*ATENTION: if the directory contains many malware samples, so malwoverview.py could take some time. :)

Version 1.4:
  This version:

* Adds the -a option for getting the Hybrid Analysis summary report.
* Adds the -i option for listing imported and exported functions. Therefore, imported/exported function
report was decoupled for a separated option.
Version 1.3:
  This version:

* Adds the -p option for public Virus Total API.
Version 1.2:
  This version includes:

* evaluates a single file (any filetype)
* shows PE sessions.
* shows imported functions.
* shows exported function.
* extracts overlay.
* shows AV report from the main players. (any filetype)
Version 1.1:
  This version:

* Adds the VT checking feature.
Version 1.0:
  Malwoverview is a tool to perform a first triage of malware samples in a directory and group them according 
to their import functions (imphash) using colors. This version:

* Shows the imphash information classified by color.
* Checks whether malware samples are packed.
* Checks whether malware samples have overlay.
* Shows the entropy of the malware samples.


Important aspect: Malwoverview does NOT submit samples to VT. It submits only hashes, so respecting Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs).

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