NodeXP - Detection and Exploitation Tool for Node.js Services

NodeXP is an intergrated tool, written in Python 2.7, capable of detecting possible vulnerabilities on Node.js services as well as exploiting them in an automated way, based on S(erver)S(ide)J(avascript)I(njection) attack!

Getting Started - Installation & Usage
Download NodeXP by cloning the Git repository:
git clone https://github.com/esmog/nodexp
To get a list of all options run:
python2.7 nodexp -h
Examples for POST and GET cases accordingly:
python2.7 nodexp.py --url="http://nodegoat.herokuapp.com/contributions" --pdata="preTax=[INJECT_HERE]" -c="connect.sid=s:i6fKU7kSLPX1l00WkOxDmEfncptcZP1v.fy9whjYW0fGAvbavzYSBz1C2ZhheDuQ1SU5qpgVzbTA"
python2.7 nodexp.py --url="http://nodegoat.herokuapp.com/contributions" --pdata="preTax=[INJECT_HERE]" -c="connect.sid=s:i6fKU7kSLPX1l00WkOxDmEfncptcZP1v.fy9whjYW0fGAvbavzYSBz1C2ZhheDuQ1SU5qpgVzbTA" --tech=blind

python2.7 nodexp.py --url="[INJECT_HERE]" -c="connect.sid=s:i6fKU7kSLPX1l00WkOxDmEfncptcZP1v.fy9whjYW0fGAvbavzYSBz1C2ZhheDuQ1SU5qpgVzbTA"
python2.7 nodexp.py --url="[INJECT_HERE]" -c="connect.sid=s:i6fKU7kSLPX1l00WkOxDmEfncptcZP1v.fy9whjYW0fGAvbavzYSBz1C2ZhheDuQ1SU5qpgVzbTA" --tech=blind

The tool’s purpose is strictly academic and was developed in order to conduct my master's thesis. It could also be helpful during the process of a penetration test on Node.js services. Any other malicious or illegal usage of the tool is strongly not recommended and is clearly not a part of the purpose of this research.

  • Python 2.7
  • Metasploit Framework
  • msfvenom
  • Kali Linux (or any other Linux distro with Metasploit Framework installed)

NodeXP Testbeds
  • Download and run the Node.js files for both GET and POST cases from here
  • Visit Nodegoat or install Nodegoat to your local machine!

Built With
  • Python 2.7

NodeXP - Version 1.0.0

  • Dimitris Antonaropoulos - esmog

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