Osmedeus - Automatic Reconnaisance And Scanning In Penetration Testing

Automatic Reconnaisance and Scanning in Penetration Testing

What is Osmedeus?
Osmedeus allow you to doing boring stuff in Pentesting automatically like reconnaissance and scanning the target by run the collection of awesome tools.

git clone https://github.com/j3ssie/Osmedeus
cd Osmedeus
chmod +x install.sh

How to use
  • Doing normal routine include: Subdomain Scanning, Subdomain TakeOver Scanning, Port Scanning and ScreenShot the target.
./osmedeus.py -t example.com
  • Scanning subdomain and Subdomain TakeOver
./osmedeus.py -m subdomain -t example.com
  • Git repo scanning
./osmedeus.py -m git --git https://github.com/whatever/repo
  • Doing some stuff with Burp State file
./osmedeus.py -m burp -t example.com --burp yourburpstate.xml

Available modules with list tool being used



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