Doppelganger - Python Script To Scan Duplicate Copies In A Given Directory

Doppelganger is a python script to scan duplicate copies in a given directory. This tool compare not only file names, but also file hashes to ensure no false search results.

  • Find duplicate music
  • Find duplicate videos
  • Find duplicate pictures
  • Find duplicate documents

How doppelganger search duplicate files

How to Install and Run in Linux
[1] Enter the following command in the terminal to download it.
git clone https://github.com/Sameera-Madhushan/Doppelganger
[2] After downloading the program, enter the following command to navigate to the Digger directory and listing the contents
cd Doppelganger && ls
[3] Now run the script with following command.
python3 doppelganger.py

How to Install and Run in Windows
[1] Download and run Python 2.7.x and Python 3.7 setup file from Python.org
In Install Python 3.7, enable Add Python 3.6 to PATH [2] Download and run Git setup file from Git-scm.com, choose Use Git from Windows Command Propmt.
[3] Afther that, Run Command Propmt and enter this commands:
cd Doppelganger  python3 doppelganger.py  

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