SharpWeb - .NET 2.0 CLR Project To Retrieve Saved Browser Credentials From Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox And Microsoft Internet Explorer/Edge

SharpWeb is a .NET 2.0 CLR compliant project that can retrieve saved logins from Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. In the future, this project will be expanded upon to retrieve Cookies and History items from these browsers.

.\SharpWeb.exe arg0 [arg1 arg2 ...]

all - Retrieve all Chrome, FireFox and IE/Edge credentials.
full - The same as 'all'
chrome - Fetch saved Chrome logins.
firefox - Fetch saved FireFox logins.
edge - Fetch saved Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge logins.

Example: Retrieve Edge and Firefox Credentials
.\SharpWeb.exe edge firefox

Example: Retrieve All Saved Browser Credentials
.\SharpWeb.exe all

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
This project uses the work of @plainprogrammer and his work on a compliant .NET 2.0 CLR compliant SQLite parser, which can be found here. In addition, @gourk created a wonderful ASN parser and cryptography helpers for decrypting and parsing the FireFox login files. It uses a revised version of his work (found here) to parse these logins out. Without their work this project would not have come together nearly as quickly as it did.

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