PRETty - "PRinter Exploitation Toolkit" LAN Automation Tool

PRETty is useful when a large number of printers are present on a network. Instead of scanning, logging, and manually running PRET againt each individual printer, PRETty will automatically discover and run choosen PRET payloads against all printers on the target network. Additionally, PRETty can be used to automate command/payload delivery to any given list of printers (See the "Lists" section)


  1. Install PRET and all required dependencies
  2. Install requirements: sudo pip install termcolor
  3. Navigate to where you installed PRET: cd $PRET
  4. Install PRETty into PRET: git clone https://github.com/BusesCanFly/PRETty
  5. Navigate to PRETty: cd PRETty
  6. Make PRETty executable: chmod +x PRETty.py
  • One line variant (from PRET folder): sudo pip install termcolor && git clone https://github.com/BusesCanFly/PRETty && cd PRETty && chmod +x PRETty.py

  • PRETty automatically scans the LAN for HP printers and creates an IP list for itself
    • However, you can place custom IP lists in PRETty/IP/
  • PRETty comes with pre-made command files for PRET located in PRETty/commands/
    • However, you can place additional command files in PRETty/commands/

  1. Run PRETty with ./PRETty.py and follow the prompts :D

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