HT-WPS Breaker - High Touch WPS Breaker

High Touch WPS Breaker [HT-WB] is a small tool based on the bash script language, it can help you to extract the WPS pin of many vulnerable routers and get the password, in the last you want to notice that HT-WPS Breaker in its process is using these tools :
  • "Piexiewps"
  • "Reaver"
  • "Bully"
  • "Aircrack Suite"
  • "Wash"



Here is how to make the script works
  • Copy HT-WPS-Breaker.zip to Desktop .
  • Open The Terminal .
  • Type the following commands :
    • cd Desktop
    • unzip HT-WPS-Breaker.zip
    • cd HT-WPS-Breaker
    • chmod +x HT-WB.sh
    • ./HT-WB.sh or bash HT-WB.sh

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