XIP - Tool To Generate A List Of IP Addresses By Applying A Set Of Transformations Used To Bypass Security Measures E.G. Blacklist Filtering, WAF, Etc.

XIP generates a list of IP addresses by applying a set of transformations used to bypass security measures e.g. blacklist filtering, WAF, etc.
Further explaination on our blog post article

python3 xip.py --help

Docker alternative

Official image
You can pull the official Drupwn image from the dockerhub registry using the following command:
docker pull immunit/XIP

To build the container, just use this command:
docker build -t xip .
Docker will download the Alpine image and then execute the installation steps.
Be patient, the process can be quite long the first time.

Once the build process is over, get and enjoy your new tool.
docker run --rm -it xip --help

The output generated is stored in the /tmp/ folder. When using docker, run your container using the following option

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