Karma - Search of Emails and Passwords on Pwndb

API pwndb
Karma is a tool written in python3 for the search of emails and passwords on the site: pwndb2am4tzkvold (dot) onion

sudo apt install tor python3 python3-pip
git clone https://github.com/decoxviii/karma.git ; cd karma
sudo -H pip3 install -r requirements.txt
python3 bin/karma.py --help

All the tests were done in Debian/Ubuntu.
  1. Search emails with the password: 123456789
python3 bin/karma.py search '123456789' --password -o test1
  1. Search emails with the local-part: johndoe
python3 bin/karma.py search 'johndoe' --local-part -o test2
  1. Search emails with the domain: hotmail.com
python3 bin/karma.py search 'hotmail.com' --domain -o test3
  1. Search email password: [email protected]
python3 bin/karma.py target '[email protected]' -o test4


This program is inspired by the projects:

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