Webtech - Identify Technologies Used On Websites

Identify technologies used on websites.
More info on the release's blogpost.

CLI Installation
WebTech is available on pip:
pip install webtech
It can be also installed via setup.py:
python setup.py install --user

Burp Integration
Download Jython 2.7.0 standalone and install it into Burp.
In "Extender" > "Options" > "Python Environment":
  • Select the Jython jar location
Finally, in "Extender" > "Extension":
  • Click "Add"
  • Select "py" or "Python" as extension format
  • Select the Burp-WebTech.py file in this folder

Scan a website:
$ webtech -u https://example.com/

Target URL: https://example.com

$ webtech -u file://response.txt

Target URL:
Full usage:
$ webtech -h

Usage: webtech [options]

-h, --help show this help message and exit
-u URLS, --urls=URLS url(s) to scan
--ul=URLS_FILE, --urls-file=URLS_FILE
url(s) list file to scan
--ua=USER_AGENT, --user-agent=USER_AGENT
use this user agent
--rua, --random-user-agent
use a random user agent
--db=DB_FILE, --database-file=DB_FILE
custom database file
--oj, --json output json-encoded report
--og, --grep output grepable report

Resources for database matching
HTTP Headers information - http://netinfo.link/http/headers.html
Cookie names - https://webcookies.org/top-cookie-names

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