Xerxes - DoS Tool Enhanced

Xerxes dos tool enhanced with many features for stress testing.

Xerxes has many features, some of these features are:
  • TLS Support
  • HTTP header randomization
  • Useragent randomization
  • Multiprocessing support
  • Multiple Attack vectors
  • etc...
Not only that but also we are aggressively developing it and adding a lot more features and functionalities.


sudo apt-get -y install build-essential cmake libssl-dev pkgconf
git clone https://github.com/sepehrdaddev/Xerxes
cd Xerxes
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
cd bin

$ ./Xerxes -H
--==[ Xerxes enhanced by Sepehrdad Sh ]==--

./Xerxes {OPTIONS}

Xerxes dos tool enhanced


-H, --help display this help menu
-V, --version display version
--vecs display available vectors
-h[rhost], --rhost=[rhost] remote host address [default]
-p[rport], --rport=[rport] remote host port [default 80]
-b[bcast], --bcast=[bcast] broadcast address [default]
-v[vector], --vec=[vector] attack vector [default 0]
-d[delay], --dly=[delay] attack delay [default 1 ns]
-t[threads], --trds=[threads] number of threads [default 10]
--conn=[connections] number of connections [default 25]
--tls enable tls
--rand-lhost enable local host randomization
--rand-lport enable local port randomization

Questions ?
If you have any questions feel free to visit Wiki page

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