Horn3t - Powerful Visual Subdomain Enumeration At The Click Of A Mouse

Horn3t is your Nr #1 tool for exploring subdomains visually.
Building on the great Sublist3r framework (or extensible with your favorite one) it searches for subdomains and generates awesome picture previews. Get a fast overview of your target with http status codes, add custom found subdomains and directly access found urls with one click.
  • Recon your targets at blazing speed
  • Enhance your productivity by focusing on interesting looking sites
  • Enumerate critical sites immediately
  • Sting your target

  • Install Google Chrome
  • Install requirements.txt with pip3
  • Install requirements.txt of sublist3r with pip3
  • Put the directory within the web server of your choice
  • Make sure to have the right permissions
  • Run horn3t.py
Or alternatively use the install.sh file with docker.
Afterwards you can access the web portal under http://localhost:1337

  • Better Scaling on Firefox
  • Add Windows Dockerfile
  • Direkt Nmap Support per click on a subdomain
  • Direkt Dirb Support per click on a subdomain
  • Generate PDF Reports of found subdomains
  • Assist with subdomain takeover

  • aboul3la - The creator of Sublist3r; turbolist3r adds some features but is otherwise a near clone of sublist3r.
  • TheRook - The bruteforce module was based on his script subbrute.
  • bitquark - The Subbrute's wordlist was based on his research dnspop.
Tested on Windows 10 and Debian with Google Chrome/Chromium 73

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