ReconT - Reconnaisance / Footprinting / Information Disclosure

Recon-Tool made for reconnaissance and information gathering with an emphasis on simplicity.
It will do everything from.

  • Information Security Headers
  • WAF Detector
  • Banner Grabbing
    • Phone Number
    • Credit Card Number
    • Email
    • US Social Security Number
  • Url Crawl
    • Dom Paramter Url
    • Internal Dynamic Paramter
    • External Dynamic Paramter
    • Internal Link
    • External Link
  • Port Scanner
  • Subdomain Enumeration

  • click
  • requests
  • colorlog
  • bs4
  • tldextract

Usage & Installation
$ apt-get install python3 nmap
$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt
$ python3 reconT.py http://target.co.li

$ python reconT.py --help
Usage: reconT.py [OPTIONS] TARGET

--timeout INTEGER Seconds to wait before timeout connections
--proxy TEXT if Use a proxy ex: with auth[email protected]:password
--cookies TEXT if use cookie comma separated cookies to add the
requestex: PHPSESS:123,kontol=True
--help Show this message and exit.

Support For Python Version: 3.x
ReconT Version: 0.1
By: 407 Authentic Exploit
Codename: JaxBCD

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