CocoaDebug - iOS Debugging Tool

iOS Debugging Tool
  • Shake to hide or show the black bubble. (support both device and simulator)
  • Long press the black bubble to show UIDebuggingInformationOverlay. (Apple's Private API, support iOS 10/11/12)
  • Application memory usage and FPS.
  • List all print() and NSLog() messages which have been written by developer in Xcode. (optional)
  • List of all the network requests sent by the application. (optional)
  • List crash errors. (optional)
  • Share network details via email or copy to clipboard when you are in the Network Details page.
  • Copy logs. (long press the text, then select all or select copy)
  • Search logs by keyword.
  • List application and device informations, including: version, build, bundle name, bundle id, screen resolution, device, iOS version
  • List all sandbox folders and files, supporting to preview and edit.
  • List HTML logs, including console.log(),console.debug(),console.warn(),console.error(),console. info(). (support both WKWebView and UIWebView). (optional)
  • Support JSON and Google's Protocol buffers


platform :ios, '8.0'

target 'YourTargetName' do
pod 'CocoaDebug', :configurations => ['Debug']

github "CocoaDebug/CocoaDebug"  
WARNING: Don't submit .ipa to AppStore which has been linked with the CocoaDebug.framework. This Integration Guide outline a way to use build configurations to isolate linking the framework to Debug builds only.


//Step 1. (AppDelegate.swift)
import CocoaDebug

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