Spyse.Py - Python API Wrapper And Command-Line Client For The Tools Hosted On Spyse.Com

Python API wrapper and command-line client for the tools hosted on spyse.com.
"Spyse is a developer of complete DAAS (Data-As-A-Service) solutions for Internet security professionals, corporate and remote system administrators, SSL / TLS encryption certificate providers, data centers and business analysts. All Spyse online solutions are represented by thematic services that have a single platform for collecting, processing and aggregating information." - spyse.com

Supports the following APIs:

NOTE: This API is currently under active development.

pip3 install spyse.py

Using the client

Required Arguments
  • -target
  • -param

Optional Arguments
  • -page
  • -apikey
  • --raw

The deal with parameters
Spyse allows you to search their database for IPs, IP ranges, domain names, URLs, etc. The parameter argument is meant to specify the type of your input.

List of parameters

Example usages
spyse -target xbox.com -param domain --subdomains
spyse -target -param cidr --domains-on-ip
spyse -target hotmail.com -param domain --ssl-certificates
spyse -target google.com -param domain --dns-all
spyse -target xbox.com -param domain -apikey <APIKEY> -page 2 --ssl-certificates --raw

Piping to jq

Using the library

Without API Key
from pprint import pprint
from spyse import spyse

s = spyse()
pprint(s.subdomains_aggregate("xbox.com", param="domain"))

With API Key
from spyse import spyse

s = spyse('API_TOKEN_GOES_HERE')
pprint(s.subdomains_aggregate("xbox.com", param="domain"))

Search using CIDR
from spyse import spyse
from pprint import pprint

s = spyse()
pprint(s.domains_on_ip("", param="cidr"))

Fetch subdomains
from spyse import spyse


s = spyse()
data = s.subdomains_aggregate(TARGET, param="domain")['cidr']
keys = data.keys()
for key in keys:
domains = data[key]['results']
for d in domains:
domain = d['data']['domains']
if len(domain) > 1:
for i in domain:

Available Methods
All of the methods listed on https://api-doc.spyse.com/
"DNS_PTR": "/dns-ptr",
"DNS_SOA": "/dns-soa",
"DNS_MX": "/dns-mx",
"DNS_AAAA": "/dns-aaaa",
"DNS_NS": "/dns-ns",
"DNS_A": "/dns-a",
"DNS_TXT": "/dns-txt",
"domains_with_same_ns": "/domains-with-same-ns",
"domains_using_as_mx": "/domains-using-as-mx",
"domains_on_ip": "/domains-on-ip",
"domains_with_same_mx": "/domains-with-same-mx",
"domains_using_as_ns": "/domains-using-as-ns",
"download_dns_aaaa": "/download-dns-aaaa",
"download_dns_soa": "/download-dns-soa",
"download_dns_ns": "/download-dns-ns",
"download_dns_ptr": "/download-ns-ptr",
"download_dns_mx": "/download-dns-mx",
"download_dns_a": "/download-dns-a",
"download_dns_txt": "/download-dns-txt",
"download_domains_with_same_mx": "/download-domains-with-same-mx",
"download_domains_on_ip": "/download-domains-on-ip",
"download_domains_with_same_ns": "/download-domains -with-same-ns",
"download_domains_using_as_ns": "/download-domains-using-as-ns",
"download_domains_using_as_mx": "/download-domains-using-as-mx",
"ip_port_lookup_aggregate": "/ip-port-lookup-aggregate",
"ip_port_lookup": "/ip-port-lookup",
"ssl_certificates": "/ssl-certificates",
"ssl_certificate_raw": "/ssl-certificate-raw",
"ssl_certificates_aggregate": "ssl-certificates-aggregate",
"ssl_certificate": "/ssl-certificate",
"ssl_certificate_public_key": "/ssl-certificate-public-key",
"ssl_certificate_json": "/ssl-certificate-json",
"subdomains": "/subdomains",
"subdomains_aggregate": "/subdomains-aggregate",
"domains_starts_with": "/domains-starts-with",
"domains_starts_with_aggregate": "/domains-starts-with-aggregate"

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