Zydra - File Password Recovery Tool And Linux Shadow File Cracker

Zydra is a file password recovery tool and Linux shadow file cracker. It uses the dictionary search or Brute force method for cracking passwords.

Supported Files
  • RAR Files
  • Legacy ZIP Files
  • PDF Files
  • Linux Shadow Files (zydra can find all the user’s password in the linux shadow file one after the other)

To run the app, minimal requirements are:
  • Python 3.3 or higher
  • debian-based linux distro, preferably Kali linux 2
  • qpdf and unrar packages
    Installing these packages on kali is as easy as running the following commands on terminal:
    $ sudo apt-get update
    $ sudo apt-get install qpdf unrar
  • some python modules in this program need to be installed manually, like: zipfile, rarfile, crypt, pyfiglet, py-term(for term module) and so on. you can use pip3 for install them example:
    $ pip3 install py-term
    notice: rar,zip and pdf files must have an extension, shadow files does not need an extension.

This tool is only for testing and academic purposes Do not use it for illegal purposes!

  • Cracking files password using two methods: 1. dictionary method 2. brute force method
  • In the brute force method, you can specify the min length and max length of the passwords.
  • In the brute force method, you can specify the type of characters that may be used in the password.
  • There is a percent progress bar showing how much of the process has been performed.
  • Error handling.
  • One of the most important features of Zydra is the multiprocessing feature that speeds up the program. For example if you have 8 CPU cores, Zydra will use all of them for processing at the same time.

Download Zydra by cloning the Git repository:
$ git clone https://github.com/hamedA2/Zydra.git

To get a list of all options and learn how to use this app, enter the following command:

$ python3 Zydra.py -h

1- Dictionary search to find the password for a zip file
In this example I use rockyou.txt dictionary

$ python3 Zydra.py –f file.zip –d rockyou.txt

2- Brute force search to find the password for the users in the shadow file
Minimum length of password is 4 and maximum length is 4 and we try to find passwords that are composed of numbers and symbols letters.

$ python3 Zydra.py –f shadow –b digits,symbols –m 4 –x 4

  • Hamed Hosseini
A special thank to, Hamed Izadi

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