DrMITM - Program Designed To Globally Log All Traffic Of A Website

DrMITM is a program designed to globally log all traffic.

How it works
DrMITM sends a request to website and returns the IP of the website just in case the server of the website is designed to rely on the website IP for requests, and the request that goes to the website also ends up being sent to the server which it will log the message that the website sends, it will then return the same message and send it directly to the server, where the server may see it as the website but it will also direct our request to the website once the program changes IP's. once it sends our request to the website, the program will then pause our traffic, and wait for incoming traffic, when a new user tries to login or whatever and the website sends a request to the server, DrMITM will receive it, and the way it gets the data back to us is by sending the same data to a file.

How do i get started
For Nim version: Install 19.0 Nim(using choosenim or git clone) Git clone the repo cd into the directory Run nim DrMITM.nim
For Python version: Install Python git clone the repo cd into the directory Run python DrMITM.py

e(live logging)
b(traffic blocking)
r(redirect users)

Issue Reporting
If you have an issue please submit it with the following details given:
your issue
Your Nim Or Python version
Operating system
The process of what you were doing before the issue occurred

Q:How does live logging works?
A:it just sends the logged data to a file and outputs it on screen.
Q: How does the traffic block work? A: a unicode gets sent to the website from server and overflows the traffic towards incoming traffic.
Q:How does the redirectio. feature works?
A: it sends a fake error message + redirection status code from the server with a modified location.

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