Tachyon - Fast HTTP Dead File Finder

Tachyon is a fast web application security reconnaissance tool.
It is specifically meant to crawl web application and look for left over or non-indexed files with the addition of reporting pages or scripts leaking internal data.

User Requirements
  • Linux
  • Python 3.5.2

User Installation

$ mkdir tachyon
$ python3 -m venv tachyon/
$ cd tachyon
$ source bin/activate
$ pip install tachyon3
$ tachyon -h

$ cd tachyon
$ source bin/activate
$ pip install --ignore-installed --upgrade tachyon3

$ cd tachyon $ source bin/activate $ tachyon -h

Developers Installation
$ git clone https://github.com/delvelabs/tachyon.git
$ mkdir tachyon
$ python3 -m venv tachyon/
$ source tachyon/bin/activate
$ cd tachyon
$ pip install -r requirements-dev.txt

Getting started
Note: if you have the source code version, replace tachyon with python3 -m tachyon in the examples below.
$ cd tachyon
$ source bin/activate
To run a discovery with the default settings:
tachyon http://example.com/
To run a discovery over a proxy:
tachyon -p http://example.com/
To search for files only:
tachyon -f http://example.com/
To search for directories only:
tachyon -s http://example.com/
To output results to JSON format:
tachyon -j http://example.com/

command line options
Usage: __main__.py [OPTIONS] TARGET_HOST

-a, --allow-download
-c, --cookie-file TEXT
-l, --depth-limit INTEGER
-s, --directories-only
-f, --files-only
-j, --json-output
-m, --max-retry-count INTEGER
-z, --plugins-only
-x, --plugin-settings TEXT
-p, --proxy TEXT
-r, --recursive
-u, --user-agent TEXT
-v, --vhost TEXT
-C, --confirmation-factor INTEGER
--har-output-dir TEXT
-h, --help Show this message and exit.

Format for the cookies file


Existing plugins:
  • HostProcessor: This plugin process the hostname to generate host and filenames relatives to it.
  • PathGenerator: Generate simple paths with letters and digits (ex: /0).
  • Robots: Add the paths in robots.txt to the paths database.
  • SitemapXML: Add paths and files found in the site map to the database.
  • Svn: Fetch /.svn/entries and parse for target paths.

Plugins settings
Settings can be pass to the plugins via the -x option. Each option is a key/value pair, with a colon joining the key and its value. Use a new -x for each setting.
tachyon -x setting0:value0 -x setting1:value1 -x setting2:value2 http://example.com/

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