LinPwn - Interactive Post Exploitation Tool

LinPwn is a interactive tool created to assist you in post exploitation enumeration and privilege escalation.

Set your IP and port you want it to connect to in the Connection class.
Place the LinPwn binary on the target machine.
Run nc -lvp PORT on your machine and then run LinPwn on the target machine to get a connection.

  1. shell - This command Executes /bin/sh
    Example usage: (LinPwn: Shell) > id
    Type exit to return to LinPwn.
  2. readfile - This command will print the contents of a file.
    Example usage: (LinPwn: ReadFile)> /etc/passwd
    Type exit to return to LinPwn.
  3. enumerate - this command runs LinEnum.sh
    Example usage: (LinPwn) > enumerate
  4. download - This command downloads a file on the target machine
    Example usage: (LinPwn: Download) > https://exampleurl.com/file_to_download
  5. wificredz - This command gathers saved wifipasswords
  6. hashdump - This command gathers system password hashes

A file called build.sh this is optional run bash build.sh to view the build options if you wish to use them.

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