Pockint - A Portable OSINT Swiss Army Knife For DFIR/OSINT Professionals

POCKINT (a.k.a. Pocket Intelligence) is the OSINT swiss army knife for DFIR/OSINT professionals. Designed to be a lightweight and portable GUI program (to be carried within USBs or investigation VMs), it provides users with essential OSINT capabilities in a compact form factor: POCKINT's input box accepts typical indicators (URL, IP, MD5) and gives users the ability to perform basic OSINT data mining tasks in an iterable manner.

You can grab the latest version from the releases page. POCKINT is provided as a single executable that can be stored and run anywhere on computers. POCKINT is available for Windows and Linux platforms.

Why use it? POCKINT is designed to be simple, portable and powerful.
Simple: There's a plethora of awesome OSINT tools out there. Trouble is they either require analysts to be reasonably comfortable with the command line (think pOSINT) or give you way too many features (think Maltego). POCKINT focuses on simplicity: INPUT > RUN TRANSFORM > OUTPUT ... rinse and repeat. It's the ideal tool to get results quickly and easily through a simple interface.
Portable: Most tools either require installation, a license or configuration. POCKINT is ready to go whenever and wherever. Put it in your jump kit USB, investigation VM or laptop and it will just run.
Powerful: POCKINT combines cheap OSINT sources (whois/DNS) with the power of specialised APIs. From the get go you can use a suite of in-built transforms. Add in a couple of API keys and you can unlock even more specialised data mining capabilities.

Credit goes to the following people for their contributions to the project, either as providers of early feedback/ideas or for their awesome help in spreading the word:

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