SUID3NUM - A Script Which Utilizes Python'S Built-In Modules To Find SUID Bins, Separate Default Bins From Custom Bins, Cross-Match Those With Bins In GTFO Bin's Repository & Auto-Exploit Those

A standalone python script which utilizes python's built-in modules to find SUID bins, separate default bins from custom bins, cross-match those with bins in GTFO Bin's repository & auto-exploit those, all with colors!

A standalone script supporting both python2 & python3 to find out all SUID binaries in machines/CTFs and do the following
  • List all Default SUID Binaries (which ship with linux/aren't exploitable)
  • List all Custom Binaries (which don't ship with packages/vanilla installation)
  • List all custom binaries found in GTFO Bin's (This is where things get interesting)
  • Try and exploit found custom SUID binaries which won't impact machine's files
Why This?
  • Because LinEnum and other enumeration scripts only print SUID binaries & GTFO Binaries, they don't seperate default from custom, which leads to severe head banging in walls for 3-4 hours when you can't escalate privs :)

SUID 3NUM's Sample Output

Works on
  • Python (2.6-7.*)
  • Python (3.6-7.*)

Download & Use
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Anon-Exploiter/SUID3NUM/master/suid3num.py --no-check-certificate && chmod 777 suid3num.py
curl -k https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Anon-Exploiter/SUID3NUM/master/suid3num.py --output suid3num.py && chmod 777 suid3num.py

Tested on
  • Pop! OS 18.04 LTS
  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • Nebula
  • Kali Linux (PWK VM)

Initializing Script
python suid3num.py
Doing Auto Exploitation of found custom SUID binaries
python suid3num.py -e


Auto Exploitation of SUID Bins

Please run the script after going through what it does & with prior knowledge of SUID bins.
P.S ~ Don't run with `-e` parameter, if you don't know what you're doing!

Shoutout to Zeeshan Sahi & Bilal Rizwan for their ideas and contribution.
Also, thanks to Cyrus for GTFO Bins <3
Let me know, what you think of this script at [@syed__umar](https://twitter.com/@syed__umar) ≧◡≦

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