AtomShields Cli - Security Testing Framework For Repositories And Source Code

AtomShields Cli is a Command-Line Interface to use the software AtomShields

pip install atomshieldscli

Basic usage
ascli <action> <context> --target <path> --name <project_name>
The allowed action values are:
  • install: To install a checker or a report, depending the context setted.
  • uninstall: To uninstall a checker or a report, depending the context setted.
  • run: To run the scan.
  • show: To show a checker list or a report list, depending the context setted.
  • help: Show the help
The allowed context values are:
  • checkers: Operate with checkers
  • reports: Operate with reports
The target option set the path to scan, or the plugin (checker/report) to install/uninstall.

Show all checkers
ascli show checkers

Show all reports
ascli show reports

Install checker
ascli install checkers --target path/to/file.py

Install report
ascli install reports --target path/to/file.py

Uninstall checker
ascli uninstall checkers --target path/to/file.py
ascli uninstall checkers --target checker_name

Uninstall report
ascli uninstall reports --target path/to/file.py
ascli uninstall reports --target checker_name

Run the scan
ascli run --target path/to/file.py --name repo_name

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