get_Team_Pass - Get Teamviewer's ID And Password From A Remote Computer In The LAN

Get teamviewer's ID and password from a remote computer in the LAN
This program gets teamviewer's ID and password from a remote computer in the LAN.
Most useful for postexploitation or sysadmins
Tested on windows 7 and windows 10 x86 and x64

You must have valid credentials on the remote computer Port 445 must be accesible on target machine

Execution examples:
hook.exe must be in same folder as get_Team_Pass.exe
 get_Team_Pass.exe -h for printing the help
get_Team_Pass.exe -t [targetIp] -u [Username] -p [UsernamePassword] -d [usernameDomain] # -d parameter is optional
get_Team_Pass.exe -t -u administrator -p Password2018
get_Team_Pass.exe -t -u administrator -p Password2018 -d domain

Execution video


Sha-256 checksums of files
Algorithm Hash File
SHA256 28F71132305CFA45F4335FA8F9E3ADE52CC9E3339AECDCA795FBD5EA51894351 get_Team_Pass.exe SHA256 57F62D0CB5656ED2D79DC16C25A9B0D3AACC307D945CED5B0F1CAA1F563735C1 hook.exe

@kr1shn4murt1 @t1gr385 kronux.com.co

Reduce the final size of the compiled files Add more exception handling Add network range capabilities to check all computers in a lan In the future if teamviewer is not found in the remote machine, inject it Add linux support.

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