Ohmybackup - Scan Victim Backup Directories & Backup Files

ohmybackup - Scan Victim's Backup Directories & Backup Files

Scans backup folders on target sites. Searches archived files in the folders it finds. With the 2-file scanning system, it adds extensions and filenames in different ways, making it more likely to be found.
1 - files/extensions.txt - This adds new extensions to the file, for example: by adding in the form of .example allows you to retry all the possibilities tried in the new extensions.
2 - files/files.txt - It can scan these folders according to the extensions you added, by giving them new file names.
3 - files/folders.txt - Recursively scans the specified folders. You can add to this list yourself.

go run ohmybackup.go --hostname victim.host
go build ohmybackup.go

./ohmybackup --hostname victim.host

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