BadBlood - Fills A Microsoft Active Directory Domain With A Structure And Thousands Of Objects

BadBlood by Secframe fills a Microsoft Active Directory Domain with a structure and thousands of objects. The output of the tool is a domain similar to a domain in the real world. After BadBlood is ran on a domain, security analysts and engineers can practice using tools to gain an understanding and prescribe to securing Active Directory. Each time this tool runs, it produces different results. The domain, users, groups, computers and permissions are different. Every. Single. Time.

  • NONE: At this time all items of the script are configured in the .ps1 files. Files are outlined on the User Guide on Secframe.com

I'd like to send thanks to the countless people who wanted this as a product and waited while I made it!


  • Domain Admin and Schema Admin permissions
  • Active Directory Powershell Installed
Running On Windows:
# clone the repo
git clone https://github.com/davidprowe/badblood.git
#Run Invoke-badblood.ps1

Talk About the BadBlood
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  2. Drop a note on secframe.com
  3. I am not responsible for cleanup if this is run in a production domain

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You are responsible for reviewing and testing any scripts you run thoroughly before use in any non-testing environment. This tool is not designed for a production environment.

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