Proton Framework - A Windows Post Exploitation Framework Similar To Other Penetration Testing Tools Such As Meterpreter And Powershell Invader Framework

About Proton Framework
Proton Framework is a Windows post exploitation framework similar to other penetration 
testing tools such as Meterpreter and Powershell Invader Framework. The major difference is that
the Proton Framework does most of its operations using Windows Script Host (a.k.a. JScript/VBScript),
with compatibility in the core to support a default installation of Windows 2000 with no service
packs (and potentially even versions of NT4) all the way through Windows 10.

Getting started

Proton installation
cd proton
chmod +x install.sh

Proton uninstallation
cd proton
chmod +x uninstall.sh

Proton Framework execution
To execute Proton Framework you 
should execute the following command.

Proton Framework modules

There are to kinds of Proton Framework modules - 
stagers and implants. Proton stagers hook target
zombies and allow you to use implants. Proton
implants starts jobs on remote target zombie.

Proton Framework stagers
Proton Framework stagers hook target 
zombie and allow you to use implants.
Name Description
mshta Serves payloads using mshta.exe.
regsvr Serves payloads using regsvr32.exe.
rundll Serves payloads using rundll32.exe.
disk Serves payloads using files on disk.
bits Serves payloads using BitsAdmin.
wmic Serves payloads using WMIC XSL.

Proton Framework implants
Proton Framework implants starts 
jobs on a remote zombie target.
Name Description
bypassuac_compdefaults Bypass UAC via registry hijack for ComputerDefaults.exe.
bypassuac_compmgmtlauncher Bypass UAC via registry hijack for CompMgmtLauncher.exe.
bypassuac_eventvwr Uses eventvwr.exe exploit to bypass UAC on Windows 7, 8, and 10.
bypassuac_fodhelper Bypass UAC via registry hijack for fodhelper.exe.
bypassuac_sdclt Uses sdclt.exe exploit to bypass UAC on Windows 10.
bypassuac_slui Bypass UAC via registry hijack for slui.exe.
system_createservice Elevate from administrative session to SYSTEM via SC.exe.
youtube Maxes volume and opens the specified YouTube video in a hidden window.
voice Plays a message over text-to-speech.
clipboard Retrieves the current content of the user clipboard.
comsvcs_lsass Utilizes comsvcs.dll to create a MiniDump of LSASS, parses with pypykatz.
enum_domain_info Retrieve information about the Windows domain.
hashdump_dc Domain controller hashes from the NTDS.dit file.
hashdump_sam Retrieves hashed passwords from the SAM hive.
loot_finder Finds loot on the target machine.
user_hunter Locate users logged on to domain computers (using Dynamic Wrapper X).
mimikatz_dotnet Injects a reflective-loaded DLL to run powerkatz.dll.
mimikatz_dynwrapx Injects a reflective-loaded DLL to run powerkatz.dll (using Dynamic Wrapper X).
mimikatz_tashlib Executes arbitrary shellcode using the TashLib COM object.
shellcode_dotnet Executes arbitrary shellcode using the DotNet2JS technique. Inject shellcode into a host process via createremotethread as a new thread.
shellcode_dynwrapx Executes arbitrary shellcode using the Dynamic Wrapper X COM object.
shellcode_excel Runs arbitrary shellcode payload (if Excel is installed).
enable_rdesktop Enables remote desktop on the target.
exec_cmd Run an arbitrary command on the target, and optionally receive the output.
add_user Adds a either a local or domain user.
registry Adds a Proton stager payload in the registry.
schtasks Establishes persistence via a scheduled task.
wmi Creates persistence using a WMI subscription.
password_box Prompt a user to enter their password.
exec_psexec Run a command on another machine using psexec from sysinternals.
exec_wmi Executes a command on another system.
stage_wmi Hook a zombie on another machine using WMI.
tcp Uses HTTP to scan open TCP ports on the target zombie LAN.
download_file Downloads a file from the target zombie.
multi_module Run a number of implants in succession.
upload_file Uploads a file from the listening server to the target zombies.

TLS communications
INFO: To enable TLS communications, you will need 
to host your Proton stager on a valid domain
(i.e. malicious.com) with a known Root CA signed
certificate. Windows will check its certificate
store and will NOT allow a self-signed certificate.

Proton Framework disclaimer
Usage of the Proton Framework for attacking targets without prior mutual consent is illegal. 
It is the end user's responsibility to obey all applicable local, state, federal, and international laws.
Developers assume no liability and are not responsible for any misuse or damage caused by this program.

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