TwitWork - Monitor Twitter Stream

Monitor twitter stream.
TwitWork use the twitter stream which allows you to have a tweets in real-time.
There is an input that allows you to filter the flow on one (or more) keywords or on an @ based on twitter tracking

This is a demo of export data on keyword "Coronavirius"

  • NodeJs
  • Npm
  • Twitter api key

git clone https://github.com/atmoner/TwitWork.git
cd TwitWork
npm install
Run it
npm start

Development setup
For the improvement of the software, do not hesitate to make your proposal in the support section

To Do
  • Main menu
    • Add/save file
    • Edit API key
    • Setting
  • Core
    • Hashtag extract
    • Add node/edge for hashtag

atmon3r – @atmon3r[email protected]

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