Burp Exporter - A Burp Suite Extension To Copy A Request To The Clipboard As Multiple Programming Languages Functions

Exporter is a Burp Suite extension to copy a request to the clipboard as multiple programming languages functions.
You can export as:
  • cURL
  • Wget
  • Python Request
  • Perl LWP
  • PHP HTTP_Request2
  • Go Native
  • NodeJS Request
  • jQuery AJAX
  • PowerShell


Burp Suite import
In Burp Suite, under the Extender/Extensions tab, click on the Add button, select Extension type Python and load the Exporter py file.

You can copy the request from:
  • Proxy > Intercept
  • Proxy > HTTP history
  • Target > Site map
  • Repeater
Right click > Exporter to > ...

Possible improvements
  • More snippets

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