Firebase-Extractor - A Tool Written In Python For Scraping Firebase Data

This tool is written in python2, the purpose of this tool is to parse all the results from Bing search.Basically whenever a firebaseio URL is found for an app , User instead of searching for sensitive data by going manually through the search results can use this tool.This tool works by using the given Firebase URL as a search query in the bing search engine, scraping the first 4 pages from the search results , it then finally parses all the URL's for sensitive keywords.

Below Modules were Used:
3.bs4 // pip install bs4 //
5.pyfiglet // pip install pyfiglet //
[+]bs4(Beautiful soup) module is used for parsing and extracting data specific to html.
[+]pyfiglet module is used for generating the banner for the tool.

Running Instructions:
On command line run python firebase.py xyz.firebaseio.com
where xyz is the app or company specific name.

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