Open Sesame - A Tool Which Runs To Display Random Publicly Disclosed Hackerone Reports When Bored

A python tool which runs to display random publicly disclosed Hackerone reports when bored. Automatically opens the report in browser.
Contains Over 8k Publicly disclosed Hackerone reports and addtl. wordlist of ~700 bug bounty writeups.
This is a productivity tool for security enthusiasts and bug bounty hunters. I have written a blog here giving my idea of how to use this efficiently.
Launching Open Sesame!

Additional features include:
  • Opening URL from custom wordlist which has bug bounty writeups.
  • Fetching and Updating the newly disclosed Hackerone publicly disclosed reports.

Pl install components in rquirements.txt
python3 default.py Opens a random magic URL from the collection of publicly disclosed h1 reports.

python3 default.py --custom Opens a random magic URL from the collection of custom wordlist having bug bounty writeups.

python3 default.py --refresh Refreshes and adds newly publicly disclosed h1 reports to your file(final.txt)

Known Issues
  • The ability of not able to distinguish between completely publicly disclosed reports and reports with limited disclosures.
  • The tool may break in the way of how it works if it gets run after a long time. The default range specified is scraping 10 pages to reduce load on the site. If you believe you are running it after a long time, consider increasing the range upto 50 in main for loop in refresh.py before running. This will enable collecting all the reports till the recent report extracted in the final.txt.

  • h1.nobbd(dot)de
  • bugreader(dot)com
  • Awesome-Bugbounty-Writeups Repo
  • and other helpful sources.. :)

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