Sshprank - A Fast SSH Mass-Scanner, Login Cracker And Banner Grabber Tool Using The Python-Masscan Module

A fast SSH mass-scanner, login cracker and banner grabber tool using the python-masscan module.

[ [email protected] ~ ]$ sshprank -H
--==[ sshprank by nullsecurity.net ]==--


sshprank <mode> [opts] | <misc>


-h <host:[ports]> - single host to crack. multiple ports can be seperated
by comma, e.g.: 22,2022,22222 (default port: 22)

-l <file> - list of hosts to crack. format: <host>[:ports]. multiple
ports can be seperated by comma (default port: 22)

-m <opts> [-r <num>] - pass arbitrary masscan opts, portscan given hosts and
crack for logins. found sshd services will be saved to
'sshds.txt' in supported format for '-l' option and
even for '-b'. use '-r' for generating random ipv4
addresses rather than scanning given hosts. these
options are always on: '-sS -oX - --open'.
NOTE: if you intent to use the '--banner' option then
you need to specify '--source-ip <some_ipaddr>' which
is needed by masscan.

-b <file> - list of hosts to grab sshd banner from
format: <host>[:ports]. multiple ports can be
seperated by comma (default port: 22)


-r <num> - generate <num> random ipv4 addresses, check for open
sshd port and crack for login (only with -m option!)
-c <cmd> - execute this <cmd> on host if login was cracked
-u <user> - single username (default: root)
-U <file> - list of usernames
-p - single password (default: root)
-P <file> - list of passwords
-C <file> - list of user:pass combination
-x <num> - num threads for parallel host crack (default: 20)
-s <num> - num threads for parallel service crack (default: 10)
-X <num> - num threads for parallel login crack (default: 20)
-B <num> - num threads for parallel banner grabbing (default: 50)
-T <sec> - num sec for connect timeout (default: 2s)
-R <sec> - num sec for (banner) read timeout (default: 2s)
-o <file> - write found logins to file. format:
<host>:<port>:<user>:<pass> (default: owned.txt)
-e - exit after first login was found. continue with other
hosts instead (default: off)
-v - verbose mode. show found logins, sshds, etc.
(default: off)


-H - print help
-V - print version information


# crack targets from a given list with user admin, pw-list and 20 host-threads
$ ./sshprank -l sshds.txt -u admin -P /tmp/passlist.txt -x 20

# first scan then crack from founds ssh services
$ sudo ./sshprank -m '-p22,2022 --rate=5000 --source-ip \

# generate 1k random ipv4 addresses, then port-scan (tcp/22 here) with 1k p/s
# and crack login 'root:root' on found sshds
$ sudo ./sshprank -m '-p22 --rate=1000' - r 1000 -v

# grab banners and output to file with format supported for '-l' option
$ ./sshprank -b hosts.txt > sshds2.txt


  • quick'n'dirty code
  • sshprank is already packaged and available for BlackArch Linux
  • My master-branches are always stable; dev-branches are created for current work.
  • All of my public stuff you find are officially announced and published via nullsecurity.net.

We hereby emphasize, that the hacking related stuff found on nullsecurity.net are only for education purposes. We are not responsible for any damages. You are responsible for your own actions.

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