Nuubi Tools - Information Ghatering, Scanner And Recon

Nuubi Tools: Information-ghatering|Scanner|Recon

Options:          -h/--help       |  Show help message and exitArguments:         -b/--banner    | Banner grabing of target ip address        -s/--subnet    | Subnetlookup of target               -c/--cms       | Cms detect with headers        -d/--dns       | Dnslookup of target domain        -e/--extract   | Extract links from target url(https/http)        -H/--http      | Httpheaders of target url        -n/--nmap      | Nmapscan of target domain        -S/--sub       | Subdomain lookup of target domain        -f/--find      | Find hosts sharing DNS servers        -u/--username  | Github username of target        -w/--whois     | Whois of target domain        -C/--crawl     | Crawler target url        -r/--reverse   | Reverse ip lookup        -z/--zone      | zonetransfer, Retrieve DNS Zone              --asn          | Check an Autonomous System Number (ASN)           --nping        | nping, test Ping Response        --cookie       | Cloudflare cookie scraper        --revdns       | Reverse DNS        --cert         | Certificate Transparency log monitor        --url          | URL and website scanner for potentially malicious websites        --response     | Check code status response        --exj          | Extract GET parameters from javascript files        -ip            | GeoIP lookup of target ip address         -T             | Traceroute


python3 nuub.py "arguments" example.site


  • Infromation Modules :
  • Banner grabing
  • Subnetlookup
  • Cms detect
  • Certificate Transparency log monitor
  • Dnslookup
  • Extract links
  • GeoIP lookup
  • Httpheaders
  • Nmapscan
  • Subdomain lookup
  • Traceroute
  • Find hosts sharing DNS servers
  • URL and website scanner for potentially malicious websites
  • Github username
  • Whois
  • Crawler
  • Reverse ip
  • Reverse DNS
  • Zonetransfer
  • Nping test Ping Response
  • Check an Autonomous System Number (ASN)
  • Cloudflare Cookie Scraper
  • Check code status response

INFO: NUUBI is a Recon Tools, Scanners and tools for penetration testing.Reconnaissance is the first phase of penetration       testing which means gathering information before any real attacks are planned So NUUBI is an Incredible fast recon tool for penetration tester which is specially designed for Reconnaissance phase.

How to install NUUBI:

Kali Linu ,parros os, ubuntu

[email protected]~# git clone https://github.com/pikpikcu/nuubi.git
[email protected]~# pip install -r requirements.txt
[email protected]~# python3 nuub.py -h


pikpik~$ pkg install python git ncurses-bin -y
pikpik~$ git clone https://github.com/pikpikcu/nuubi.git | cd nuubi
pikpik~$ pip install -r requirements.txt
pikpik~$ python3 nuub.py -h


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