DarkSide - Tool Information Gathering And Social Engineering


Hacker Dashboard
  • Hacker News [thehackernews.com/]
  • New Exploits [Exploit-db.com]
  • Hacking Tutorials Video [youtube.com]
  • The Latest Prices OF Digital Currencies [Rials , Usd]

Information Gathering
  • Bypass Cloud Flare
  • Cms Detect
  • Trace Toute
  • Reverse IP
  • Port Scan
  • IP location Finder
  • Show HTTP Header
  • Find Shared DNS
  • Whois
  • DNS Lookup

  • Reference exploit-db.com

Social Engineering

[Support Ngrok]

  • Get system Information with link
  • Screen Captrue With Link
  • Play Sound With Link

Installation On Windows
$ Download  https://github.com/Ultrasecurity/DarkSide$ cd DarkSide$ python -m pip install -r requirments.txt$ Download PHP V-7 in php.net AND Add To Path php.exe$ python run.py

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