PoshBot - Powershell-based Bot Framework

PoshBot is a chat bot written in PowerShell. It makes extensive use of classes introduced in PowerShell 5.0. PowerShell modules are loaded into PoshBot and instantly become available as bot commands. PoshBot currently supports connecting to Slack to provide you with awesome ChatOps goodness.

What Can PoshBot Do?

Pretty much anything you want :) No seriously. PoshBot executes functions or cmdlets from PowerShell modules. Use PoshBot to connect to servers and report status, deploy code, execute runbooks, query APIs, etc. If you can write it in PowerShell, PoshBot can execute it.


Detailed documentation can be found at ReadTheDocs.

Building PoshBot

See Building PoshBot for documentation on how to build PoshBot from source.


Detailed changes for each release are documented in the release notes.

[YouTube] PowerShell Summit 2018 - Invoke-ChatOps: Level up and change your culture with chat and PowerShell


To get started now, get a SLACK-API-TOKEN for your bot:


# Install the module from PSGalleryInstall-Module -Name PoshBot -Repository PSGallery# Import the moduleImport-Module -Name PoshBot# Create a bot configuration$botParams = @{    Name = 'name'    BotAdmins = @('<SLACK-CHAT-HANDLE>')    CommandPrefix = '!'    LogLevel = 'Info'    BackendConfiguration = @{        Name = 'SlackBackend'        Token = '<SLACK-API-TOKEN>'    }    AlternateCommandPrefixes = 'bender', 'hal'}$myBotConfig = New-PoshBotConfiguration @botParams# Start a new instance of PoshBot interactively or in a job.Start-PoshBot -Configuration $myBotConfig #-AsJob

Basic usage:

# Create a Slack backend$backendConfig = @{Name = 'SlackBackend'; Token = '<SLACK-API-TOKEN>'}$backend = New-PoshBotSlackBackend -Configuration $backendConfig# Create a PoshBot configuration$pbc = New-PoshBotConfiguration -BotAdmins @('<MY-SLACK-HANDLE>') -BackendConfiguration $backendConfig# Save configurationSave-PoshBotConfiguration -InputObject $pbc -Path .\PoshBotConfig.psd1# Load configuration$pbc = Get-PoshBotConfiguration -Path .\PoshBotConfig.psd1# Create an instance of the bot$bot = New-PoshBotInstance -Configuration $pbc -Backend $backend# Start the bot$bot.Start()# Available commandsGet-Command -Module PoshBotCommandType     Name                                               Version    Source-----------     ----                                               -------    ------Function        Get-PoshBot                                           0.12.0     poshbotFunction        Get-PoshBotConfiguration                           0.12.0     poshbotFunction        Get-PoshBotStatefulData                            0.12.0     poshbotFunction        New-PoshBotCardResponse                            0.12.0     poshbotFunction        New-PoshBotConfiguration                           0.12.0     poshbotFunction        New-PoshBotDiscordBackend                          0.12.0     poshbotFunction        New-PoshBotFileUpload                              0.12.0     poshbotFunction        New-PoshBotInstance                                0.12.0     poshbotFunction        New-PoshBotMiddlewareHook                          0.12.0     poshbotFunction        New-PoshBotScheduledTask                           0.12.0     poshbotFunction        New-PoshBotSlackBackend                            0.12.0     poshbotFunction        New-PoshBotTeamsBackend                               0.12.0     poshbotFunction        New-PoshBotTextResponse                            0.12.0     poshbotFunction        Remove-PoshBotStatefulData                         0.12.0     poshbotFunction        Save-PoshBotConfiguration                          0.12.0     poshbotFunction        Set-PoshBotStatefulData                            0.12.0     poshbotFunction        Start-PoshBot                                      0.12.0     poshbotFunction        Stop-Poshbot                                       0.12.0     poshbot

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