WSMan-WinRM - A Collection Of Proof-Of-Concept Source Code And Scripts For Executing Remote Commands Over WinRM Using The WSMan.Automation COM Object

A collection of proof-of-concept source code and scripts for executing remote commands over WinRM using the WSMan.Automation COM object.


For background information, please refer to the following blog post: WS-Management COM: Another Approach for WinRM Lateral Movement

  • SharpWSManWinRM.cs and CppWsManWinRM.cpp compile in Visual Studio 2019. Refer to the code comments for required imports/references/etc.
  • All examples leverage the WMI Win32_Process class and WMI Create method for invocation.


 Usage: SharpWSManWinRM.exe <hostname> <command> Usage: SharpWSManWinRM.exe <hostname> <command> <domain\user> <password> Example: SharpWSManWinRM.exe host.domain.local notepad.exe Example: SharpWSManWinRM.exe host.domain.local "cmd /c notepad.exe" domain\joe.user [email protected]

 Usage: Invoke-WSManWinRM -hostname <hostname> -command <command> Usage: Invoke-WSManWinRM -hostname <hostname> -command <command> -user <domain\user> -password <password> Example: import-module .\WSManWinRM.ps1          Invoke-WSManWinRM -hostname MyServer.domain.local -command calc.exe Example: import-module .\WSManWinRM.ps1          Invoke-WSManWinRM -hostname MyServer.domain.local -command calc.exe -user domain\joe.user -password [email protected]

 Usage: cscript.exe SharpWSManWinRM.vbs <hostname> <command> Usage: cscript.exe SharpWSManWinRM.vbs <hostname> <command> <domain\user> <password> Example: cscript.exe SharpWSManWinRM.vbs host.domain.local notepad.exe Example: cscript.exe SharpWSManWinRM.vbs host.domain.local "cmd /c notepad.exe" domain\joe.user [email protected]	

 Usage: cscript.exe SharpWSManWinRM.js <hostname> <command> Usage: cscript.exe SharpWSManWinRM.js <hostname> <command> <domain\user> <password> Example: cscript.exe SharpWSManWinRM.js host.domain.local notepad.exe Example: cscript.exe SharpWSManWinRM.js host.domain.local "cmd /c notepad.exe" domain\joe.user [email protected]	 

 Usage: CppWSManWinRM.exe <hostname> <command> Example: CppWSManWinRM.exe host.domain.local notepad.exe  Note: Username/password option does not work yet


WSMan-WinRM is designed to help security professionals perform ethical and legal security assessments and penetration tests. Do not use for nefarious purposes.

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