Tritium - Password Spraying Framework

A tool to enumerate and spray valid Active Directory accounts through Kerberos Pre-Authentication.


Although many Kerberos password spraying tools currently exist on the market, I found it difficult to find tools with the following built-in functionality:

  • The ability to prevent users from locking out the domain
  • The ability to integrate username enumeration with the password spraying process (User enumeration is a seperate functionality from the spray)
  • The ability to recursively spray passwords rather than running one spray at a time
  • The ability to resume password sprays and ignore previously compromised accounts

Tritium solves all of the issues mentioned above and more. User enumeration will no longer waste a login attempt because it uses the output of the first spray to generate a file of valid users. Tritium also gives the user the ability to pass it a password file to recursively spray passwords. And Finally, Tritium has built in functionality to detect if a domain is being locked out due to password spraying by saving the state and quitting the password spray if 3 consecutive accounts are locked out.

 ./Tritium -h        ___________      .__  __  .__                       \__    ___/______|__|/  |_|__|__ __  _____            |    |  \_  __ \  \   __\  |  |  \/     \           |    |   |  | \/  ||  | |  |  |  /  Y Y  \          |____|   |__|  |__||__| |__|____/|__|_|__/ v 0.4                                                                                                    Author: S4R1N, alfarom256  Required Params: -d            The full domain to use (-domain targetdomain.local) -dc           Domain controller to authenticate against (-dc washingtondc.targetdomain.local) -dcf          File of domain controllers to authenticate against  -u            Select single user to authenticate as (-user jsmith)  -uf           User file to use for password spraying (-userfile ~/home/users.txt) -p            Password to use for spraying (-password Welcome1) Optional:  -help         Print this help menu -o            Tritium Output file (default spray.json) -w            Wait time between authentication attempts [Default 1] (-w 0)     -jitter       % Jitter between authentication attempts       -rs           Enable recursive spraying  -ws           Wait time between sprays [Default 3600] (-ws 1800) -pwf          Password file to use for recursive  -res          Continue a password spraying campaign -rf           Tritium Json file 

Under Development

Below are some of the features being developed:

  • Ability to capture ^C and save state if process was killed manually
  • Other stuff ;)

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