BlobHunter - Find Exposed Data In Azure With This Public Blob Scanner

An opensource tool for scanning Azure blob storage accounts for publicly opened blobs.
BlobHunter is a part of "Hunting Azure Blobs Exposes Millions of Sensitive Files" research:


BlobHunter helps you identify Azure blob storage containers which store files that are publicly available to anyone with an internet connection.
The tool will help mitigate risk by identifying poorly configured containers that store sensitive data, which is specifically helpful in larger scale Azure subscriptions where there are a significant number of storage accounts that could be hard to track.
BlobHunter produces an informative csv result file that provides important details on each publicly opened container in the scanned environment.

  1. Python 3.5+

  2. Azure CLI

  3. requirements.txt packages

  4. Azure user with one of the following built-in roles:

    Or any Azure user with a role that allows to perform the following Azure actions:



Example for installation on Ubuntu:
curl -sL https://aka.ms/InstallAzureCLIDeb | sudo bash
pip3 install -r requirements.txt


Simply run

python3 BlobHunter.py

If you are not logged in in the Azure CLI, a browser window will be prompted at you for inserting your Azure user credentials.


For any question or feedback, please contact Daniel Niv, Asaf Hecht and CyberArk Labs.

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