BlueCloud - Cyber Range including Velociraptor + HELK system with a Windows VM for security testing and R&D

Cyber Range deployment of HELK and Velociraptor! Automated terraform deployment of one system running HELK + Velociraptor server with one registered Windows endpoint in Azure or AWS. A collection of Terraform and Ansible scripts that automatically (and quickly) deploys a small HELK + Velociraptor R&D lab.

Use Cases
  • EDR Testing lab
  • Penetration Testing lab
  • SIEM / Threat Hunting / DFIR / Live Response lab with HELK + Velociraptor [1, 2]
  • Data Science research with HELK server, Jupyter notebooks
  • Detection Engineering research with Mordor [3, 4]


Please see the full documentation for details and getting started with installation.

Full Documentation Site

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