LoGiC.NET - A More Advanced Free And Open .NET Obfuscator Using Dnlib

LoGiC.NET is a free and open-source .NET obfuscator that uses dnlib for folks that want to see how obfuscation works with more complex obfuscations than Goldfuscator for example.

Before obfuscation

After obfuscation


dnlib v3.3.2 : Restore NuGet packages and it'll work (if it doesn't already).
SharpConfigParser : https://github.com/AnErrupTion/LoGiC.NET/raw/master/SharpConfigParser.dll

Current Features
  • Renames methods, parameters, properties, fields and events.
  • Adds proxy calls.
  • Encrypts strings.
  • Encodes ints.
  • Adds junk methods.
  • Prevents application tampering.
  • Adds control flow.
  • And more!

  • Add an Anti-Emulation and Anti-Debug.

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