ChangeTower - Tool To Help You Watch Changes In Webpages And Get Notified Of Any Changes

ChangeTower is intended to help you watch changes in webpages and get notified of any changes written in Go
This tools is good to know the web pages are update something or not to work on the new site before others

Installation Instructions

ChangeTower requires go1.16+ to install successfully. Run the following command to get the repo

go get -v github.com/Dc4ts/ChangeTower

If you havent got Go in your OS you can use pre-build version by going to release

ChangeTower -h

This will display help for the tool. Here are all the switches it supports.

ChangeTower help menu
Usage of ./ChangeTower:	-s (default false)        	silent mode (no banner if you want to parse final result to other tools)	-u (default false)        	example of usage (how to use ChangeTower)	-d (default false)        	dont log the data (logged data )	-w (default false)        	without color (if your terminal cant print the colors)	-l (default false)        	return links without any tag (dont effect in log file)
  • you can set cronjob for this tools too


Contributions are always welcome!

See contributing.md for ways to get started.

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