DirSearch - A Go Implementation Of Dirsearch

This software is a Go implementation of the original dirsearch tool written by Mauro Soria. DirSearch is the very first tool I write in Go, mostly to play and experiment with Go's concurrency model, channels, and so forth :)


DirSearch takes an input URL ( -url parameter ) and a wordlist ( -wordlist parameter ), it will then perform concurrent HEAD requests using the lines of the wordlist as paths and files eventually bruteforcing folders and files on a web server.

It supports a custom file extension ( -ext, default to php ) and other optional arguments:

Usage of dirsearch:  -200only        If enabled, will only display responses with 200 status code.  -consumers int        Number of concurrent consumers. (default 8)  -ext string        File extension. (default "php")  -maxerrors int        Maximum number of errors to get before killing the program. (default 20)  -url string        Base URL to start enumeration from.  -wordlist string        Wordlist file to use for enumeration. (default "dict.txt")

go get github.com/evilsocket/dirsearchcd dirsearchmake get_glidemake install_dependenciesmake build


This project is copyleft of Simone Margaritelli and released under the GPL 3 license.

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