DongTai - An Interactive Application Security testing(IAST) Product That Supports The Detection Of OWASP WEB TOP 10 Vulnerabilities, Multi-Request Related Vulnerabilities (Including Logic Vulnerabilities, Unauthorized Access Vulnerabilities, Etc.), Third-Party Component Vulnerabilities, Etc.

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About DongTai IAST

DongTai IAST is an open-source passive interactive security testing (IAST) product. It uses dynamic hooks and taint tracking algorithms to achieve universal vulnerability detection and multiples request associated with vulnerability detection (including but not limited to unauthorized vulnerabilities, overpower vulnerabilities), Third-party component vulnerability detection, etc. Currently, applications in Java and Python are supported for vulnerability detection.


DongTai IAST has multiple basic services, including DongTai-web, DongTai-webapi, DongTai-openapi, DongTai-engine, agent, DongTai-deploy, DongTai-Base-Image and DongTai-Plugin-IDEA:

  • DongTai-web is the product page of DongTai, which is used to handle the interaction between users and cave states.
  • DongTai-webapi is responsible for handling user-related operations.
  • DongTai-openapi is used to process the registration/heartbeat/call method/third-party component/error log data reported by agent, issue hook strategy, issue probe control commands, etc.
  • DongTai-engine analyzes whether there are vulnerabilities in HTTP/HTTPS/RPC requests according to the calling method data and taint tracking algorithm, and is also responsible for other related timing tasks.
  • agent is a probe module of DongTai, including data collection terminals in different programming languages, used to collect data during application runtime and report to the DongTai-OpenAPI service.
  • DongTai-deploy is used for the deployment of DongTai IAST, including docker-compose single-node deployment, Kubernetes cluster deployment, etc. If you want a deployment plan, you can add features or contribute to the deployment plan.
  • DongTai-Base-Image contains the basic services that DongTai depends on runtime, including MySql, Redis.
  • DongTai-Plugin-IDEA is the IDEA plug-in corresponding to the Java probe. You can run the Java probe directly through the plug-in and detect the vulnerabilities directly in IDEA.


The usage scenarios of "DongTai IAST" include but not limited to:

  • Embed the DevSecOps process to realize automatic detection of application vulnerabilities/third-party component combing/third-party component vulnerability detection.
  • Common vulnerability mining for open source software/open source components.
  • Security testing before release, etc.

Quick start

DongTai IAST supports SaaS Service and Localized Deployment. Please refer to Deployment Document for localized deployment.

1. SaaS Version

2. Localized Deployment Version [Open Source for Jointly Partnership]

Please follow the instructions bellow to apply the localized deployment version

DongTai IAST supports a variety of deployment schemes which refer to Deployment Document:

$ git clone [email protected]:HXSecurity/DongTai.git$ cd DongTai$ chmod u+x build_with_docker_compose.sh$ ./build_with_docker_compose.sh

How To Apply

DongTai IAST Jointly Partnership Program, registration address


Contributions are welcomed and greatly appreciated. Further reading — CONTRIBUTING.md for details on submitting patches and contribution workflow.

Any questions? Let's discuss in #DongTai discussions

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