Wordlistgen - Quickly Generate Context-Specific Wordlists For Content Discovery From Lists Of URLs Or Paths

wordlistgen is a tool to pass a list of URLs and get back a list of relevant words for your wordlists. Wordlists are much more effective when you take the application's context into consideration. wordlistgen pulls out URL components, such as subdomain names, paths, query strings, etc. and spits them back to stdout so you can easily add them to your wordlists


If you don't have Go installed, "go" do that!

go get -u github.com/ameenmaali/wordlistgen


wordlistgen takes URLs and paths from stdin, of which you will most likely want in a file such as:

$ cat file.txthttps://google.com/home/?q=2&d=asdhttp://my.site/api/v2/auth/me?id=123

Get unique URL components from a file of URLs and/or paths:

cat hosts.txt | wordlistgen

Get unique URL components from a file of URLs and/or paths, including query string values, and save to a file:

cat hosts.txt | wordlistgen -qv > urlComponents.txt

wordlistgen works at it's best when chained with other tools, such as @tonnomnom's waybackurls :

cat hosts.txt | waybackurls | wordlistgen

$ wordlistgen -hUsage of wordlistgen:  -fq    	If enabled, filter out query strings (e.g. if enabled /?q=123 - q would NOT be included in results  -qv    	If enabled, include query string values (e.g. if enabled /?q=123 - 123 would be included in results

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